Jenga game

Jenga rules

If you like games that require some skill🙃, then you should learn how to play Jenga. The goal is to avoid bringing down a tower by removing pieces from it.

Contents and Object of the Game

A game of Jenga is simple. After building a wooden tower with wooden blocks, each player must remove a block in turn. The goal is simple: the tower must not collapse when you remove a block and when you put it on top of the tower. The player who brings down the tower loses the game.

A classic Jenga game features:

  • 54 wooden blocks
  • 1 stand to help build the tower.

You can play Jenga alone to practice. However this game is much more interesting with friends.

Before You Begin

You must first build the Jenga Tower. To do it, follow these simple instructions: 

  • Use 3 blocks per floor. With the 54 blocks, you will therefore have a tower of 18 levels
  • Place the blocks one glued to the other
  • On the first level, place 3 blocks, then on the next level place three other blocks perpendicular to the blocks on the previous level.
  • Repeat this for the rest of the floors, putting each series of blocks perpendicular to the previous one.
  • Use the support stand to build and make sure that your tower is straight.
  • Once the tower is ready, carefully remove the support stand.

Make sure to build on a solid and balanced ground 😅.
Now the game is ready, it’s up to you to begin.


The player who built the tower begins.

Each turn, each player must remove a block from the tower without it collapsing. However, a few rules apply: 

  • It is forbidden to remove blocks from the floor above (this would be cheating 😆)
  • You can only use one hand to remove the block
  • If you decide to remove a block and you touch it, you no longer have the right to change blocks
  • If you successfully remove a block (phew 🥳), you must place it on the top level, of course without the tower collapsing.

Once your block is removed and placed on the top floor, your turn ends.

Rules in PDF

Explore the Jenga rules in PDF.