Power 4

Power 4 Rules

Do you like strategy games? If so, then the game of Power 4 is for you. Below you will find all the rules of this game and feel free to challenge your sense of strategy.


You need the following tools to play Power 4:
A game board with 42 chip slots (including 6 rows and 7 columns)
-21 yellow chips
-21 red chips
-2 players


Goal of the game

You must align 4 chips horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win

How the game is played

  • Choose the player who starts the game.
  • Give the yellow chips to one player and the red chips to the other player.
  • The latter puts his or her chip in a column of his or her choice, dropping it to the bottom of the column.
  • The other player does the same, placing his or her token in a column of his or her choice until it falls to the bottom.
  • Continue the game in this manner until one player manages to line up 4 chips horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

You must not forget to counter your opponent. You must prevent him from aligning his 4 chips, otherwise you will lose. Counter your opponent while trying to line up your 4 chips.

End of the game

The player who manages to line up all 4 chips in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction wins the game.


♦ A draw occurs if both players fail to line up 4 tokens before the board is filled.