Minesweeper Rules

Minesweeper is a game of logic and tricks, where the objective is to turn over the empty squares without exploding a mine.


  • Minesweeper is played on a computer.
  • The game is composed of a grid formed by several squares. Some of them are empty, some of them hide mines.
  • To reveal a square, click on it. A number will then appear.
  • If you activate a mine, you lose the game.
  • You can mark a mine with a flag to prevent it from being activated accidentally.
  • To do this, right click on it.

How to play?

  • Click on a square in the grid.
  • A number will appear.
  • The number indicates the number of mines in the 8 cells surrounding the cell.
    Example: the number 1 appears. This means that there is a mine in one of the 8 cells surrounding it.
  • Proceed in this way until all the mines are detected and all the boxes are turned over.
  • Above the grid, a number indicates the number of mines you have left to find.