Rules of A Thousand Ports

A Thousand Ports Rules

A Thousand Ports is a game of dice and chance. You can play it with 2 or even 5 players, from 8 years old and up.

Principle of the Game

Put yourself in the shoes of a pirate and defy chance. Try to amass a fortune by playing dice.

Winning the Game

The first pirate to score 6,000 points is the winner of the game.


  • One pack of 35 Pirate cards
  • Five Summary cards: summarize the points you can get
  • Eight 6-sided dice: monkey, parrot, skull, sword, gold coin and diamond.


  • On a sheet of paper, write down the name and the points earned by each player.
  • Shuffle the Pirate cards and form a draw pile to place face down in the middle of the table.
  • Deal one Summary card to each player.
  • The youngest player starts.
  • Players take turns in a clockwise direction.

How to Play


  • Turn over the top card of the draw pile. .

The different cards

  • The chest: 

Allows dice to be reserved and points to be saved even when the player achieves 3 skulls. (Example: 3 diamonds have been reserved in the chest, then the player accumulates 3 skulls. they keep the points earned by their 3 diamonds.)

  • The pirate: 

Doubles the points earned.

  • Skull: 

Counts as an extra die.

  • Two skulls: 

Counts as extra dice.

  • Guardian: 

Allows you to re-roll a skull’s die once.

  • Pirate ship: 

The player must fight to try and defeat the pirates by carrying out the combination written on the card and try to win 500 points. If they fail, the 500 points are withdrawn

  • Gold coin: 

Counts as an extra die.

  • Diamond: 

Counts as an extra die.

  • Animals: 

Thy Monkeys and parrots now form the same symbol.


  • Roll the dice.
  • On the first roll, all dice must be used.
  • A Diamond face and a Gold coin face are worth 100 points each.
  • The round ends immediately when the dice show 3 skulls and the player scores no points.
  • After the first roll of the dice, the player can:
  • Record the points scored by ending their turn.
  • Roll the dice again.

Re-rolling the dice:

  • A player can re-roll some of their dice to make better combinations.
  • It is forbidden to re-roll all your 8 dice.
  • A die showing a skull and crossbones cannot be re-rolled, it must be set aside.
  • Before each re-roll, part of the dice is left where it is without disturbing the faces revealed during the previous roll.
  • The number of dice to be re-rolled must be at least 2.


Number of identical dicePoints awarded

If the player manages to score points with their 8 dice, they earn 500 additional points. It’s a full treasure chest.

Skull Island

  • If a player rolls at least 4 skulls on their first roll, they are sent to Skull Island.
  • Their Skull dice are set aside and they must re-roll the remaining dice.
  • For each skull obtained after the new roll. 100 points are deducted from each of their opponents and their turn continues.
  • If they roll no skulls, their turn ends.

End of the Game

  • As soon as a player reaches 6,000 points, a final round is played.
  • At the end of this last round, the player who has collected the most points wins the game.
  • On the other hand, if the player who had 6,000 points no longer has them, the game resumes.
  • The next player to reach 6,000 points immediately wins the game (without a final round).

The player who manages to combine 9 different symbols immediately wins the game.