Truth or Dare

Ideas for Truth and Dare actions

Want to spice up your Action and Truth games? Whether as a couple or for an evening with friends? Here are several actions to make your evenings interesting.

  1. Talk like a girl/boy from now on
  2. Call a friend and give them a prank
  3. Call your parents and prank them
  4. Let yourself be tickled for 30 seconds
  5. Hug all the players
  6. Try to lick your elbow
  7. Keep your hands in your pockets for the rest of the evening
  8. Sing a song and change your voice
  9. Sing your favourite song
  10. Dance to a song of your choice for 30 seconds
  11. Do an impression of a character
  12. Play the drunk person for 1 minute
  13. Blindfold yourself and try to catch another player
  14. Try to dance like a ballet dancer for 1 minute
  15. Keep one eye closed until the end of the game
  16. Do a stand up for 1 minute
  17. Swap tops with another player
  18. Swap socks with another player
  19. Slap another player
  20. Get up and slap a stranger (be careful not to get out of hand)

Want to be more naughty? Let’s go!

  1. Take off an item of clothing of your choice
  2. Take off one piece of underwear and finish the game without
  3. Send a naughty text message to someone of the same sex
  4. Dredges up one of the seated players for 1 minute
  5. Strike a pose for someone of your choice
  6. Give a hickey to another player
  7. Stay on someone’s lap for 10 minutes
  8. Finish all your sentences with “oh yes” until the end of the game
  9. Spank another player
  10. Kiss a player of your choice