Sagamore game

Sagamore Rules

Sagamore is a game inspired by Native Americans. It is an attack and defense game played outdoors, between two teams (red and blue) of 8 to 20 players each. The object of the game is to capture the wizard of the opposing team. To do this, each player must touch an opponent to find out which character they are hiding behind and take a life card.


  • 1 card summarizing the hierarchy of the different characters.
  • Character cards that show each person’s role and where they are in the hierarchy.
  • Life cards.
  • Headbands or scarves in the colors of each team.
  • You can make the cards yourself.

Principle and Goal of the Game

  • Sagamore is played between 2 teams.
  • There are 5 characters on each team:

– The sagamore
– The sachem
– The wizard
– The warrior
– The spy

  • The object of the game is to capture the wizard of the opposing team.
  • There is a hierarchy in the 5 roles:

– The spy wins against the warrior and the sagamore, but loses against the sachem.
The warrior loses against the spy, but wins against the sachem and the sagamore.
The sachem wins against the spy and the sagamore, but loses against the warrior.
– The sagamore loses against the spy, the warrior and the sachem.
The wizard can only be beaten by the sagamore.


  • Create 2 teams.
  • Divide the land into 2 territories.
  • Each team implements a strategy: hide their wizard, hide or attack.
  • Then the roles are distributed.
  • There should only be one wizard per team. The roles will then be decided by strategy.
  • Important note: a player cannot switch roles during the course of the game.
  • Once each role is determined, the players each take a life card.
  • The wizard takes the remaining life cards ; these are extra lives.
  • The wizard cannot move.

Course of the Game

  • Each player will try to touch a member of the opposing team.
  • This will inevitably trigger a battle.
  • As soon as 2 players touch each other, they show each other their life card, then their role card.
  • Important note: a player who has no life left cannot touch an opponent, engage in battle, or search for the opposing wizard.
  • The strongest character wins the fight.
  • The loser gives their life card to the winner and must see the wizard of their tribe to get a new one.
  • The wizard of each team keeps additional life cards for each role and keeps the life cards earned during battles.
  • As you might have realized by now, winning a battle doesn’t immediately cause you to win the game, but to obtain information on the members of the opposing team.
  • The ultimate goal remains the capture of the opposing wizard by the sagamore.

End of the Game

  • The game ends, as soon as a sagamore captures the opposing wizard.
  • The team that successfully captures the opposing wizard is declared the winner.