Uno Stacko

Uno Stacko Rules

Uno Stacko is a variation of the popular card game Uno. The major difference is that it isn’t played with cards, but blocks.

Learn the rules of this game and challenge your sense of balance.

Game Content

The game contains 45 blocks, distributed in the following way:

  • 2 sets of 4 color blocks (blue, green, red, and yellow) numbered from 1 to 4.

  • 1 Draw 2 block of each color (blue, green, red, and yellow).

  • 3 Reverse blocks (blue, red, and yellow).

  • 2 Skip blocks (green and red).

  • 1 Wild block

Goal of the Game

The objective of the game is not to cause the tower to collapse. You have to pull a block of the same color or the same number as the last block pulled by the player before you and replace it on top of the tower.


Before playing, a player is chosen to start the game. The player who starts will have to build the tower on a flat surface using the loading tray for support. The tower is built by randomly stacking 3 blocks perpendicularly on top of the 3 below them (as shown on the box).

Players will take turns clockwise.

Course of the Game

The player who starts the game must choose a block and pull it out from the tower. The next player must now pull out a block of the same color or number as the one the previous player pulled and then place it on top of the tower at right angles to the layer below it.

You should never remove a block from the highest completed level of the tower, but only from levels below it.

Players must complete a 3 block level before starting another.

Action Blocks

Here is the list of Uno Stacko Action blocks and the effects they have:

  • Draw 2 block: when you pull this block, the next player must remove and restack 2 blocks of the same color. The player following them must also remove a block of the same color or the same number as the last of the 2 blocks stacked on top of the tower. You can’t remove an Action block when you suffer the effect of a Draw 2 block.

  • Reverse block: when you pull this block, the direction of play is reversed. For example, if the game was moving clockwise, then it must now move counterclockwise. Play should continue in this direction until another Reverse block is removed. The next player must remove a block of the same color as the Reverse block.

  • Skip block: when you pull a Skip block, the next player’s turn is skipped. The player after the one whose turn has been skipped must then remove a block of the same color as the Skip block.

  • Wild block: when you play this block, you have the right to choose a color and announce it to other players. The next player must then remove a block of your chosen color. The Wild block can be removed in place of any other block at any time except after a Draw 2 block.

Additional Rules

You can use only one hand during the course of the game. Feel free to switch hands during your turn, though.

It is allowed to touch any block to check if it’s loose, however, you must restore it to its original position if you decide to check or pull a different one.

You can also ask to straighten the tower before playing, only using one hand, of course.

Each player ends their turn after placing their block on top of the tower.

If a player uses both hands to remove a block or to straighten the tower, any other player may yell out “Uno!”. This causes the player who used both hands to be penalized: they must then remove 2 blocks of the color chosen by the player who yelled out “Uno!”.

Uno Stacko Rules when Played by 2 Players

In a 2 player game, the Reverse and Skip blocks have the same effect as the Draw 2 blocks. This means that the next player will have to remove 2 blocks of the same color as the Reverse or Skip block that has just been pulled out.

End of the Game

The player who causes the tower to fall loses the game. Contrastingly, the player who manages to remove and stack the last block of the tower wins the game.

If a player removes and stacks a block seemingly successfully yet the tower collapses immediately when the next player touches it, the player who has last touched it loses the game.

Uno Stacko Official Rules

Here is a PDF of official rules of Uno Stacko.