Tuki game

Tuki Rules

Tuki is a construction game for 2 to 4 players. Each player will aim to reproduce the pattern on the Tukilik card with its stones and stones. Tuki is played over several rounds; at the end of each round, the slowest player receives the Tukilik card. The game ends as soon as a player takes 5 Tukilik cards.

Contents of the Game

  • 12 stones of 4 different colors: 
  • 12 snow blocks of 4 different shapes:  TUKI 1.png
  • 50 normal level Tukilik cards:
  • 50 advanced Tukilik cards:
  • 1 card stand
  • 1 die


  • Choose a level: normal (3 stones) or advanced (4 stones).
  • Take the cards corresponding to the chosen level.
  • Set the cards that won’t be used aside.
  • Place the card stand in the center of the table so that all players can see the card that will be inserted into it.
  • Shuffle the Tukilik cards and place them in the compartment under the stand.
  • Distribute the stones and snow blocks according to the number of players:
Number of playersLevelStoneSnow block
2 or 3Normal1 purple1 blue1 gray1 of each shape
2 or 3Advanced1 purple1 blue1 gray1 orange1 of each shape
  • If you are playing with 4 players, only 3 players take part in the game.
  • The 4th player will be the scout.

How to Play

  • Tuki is played over multiple rounds.
  • A round takes place over 3 stages.

Stage 1: The Scout

  • For the first round, the scout is the last person to have gone skiing.
  • For the rest of the rounds, the scout is the person who received the Tukilik card during the previous round.
  • As mentioned before, when there are 4 players, the scout is the fourth player. In this case, the scout does not play and must give their stones and snow blocks to the last scout.
  • The following are the tasks assigned to the scout.

Step 2: Revealing the Tukilik Card

  • The Scout is responsible for the die, which they place near the card stack without changing its face.
  • The face rolled on the die determines how the card will be placed.
  • The scout takes the top card from the stack and places it on the stand.
  • Important note: The card is placed so that the symbol obtained in the roll of the die is at the bottom.
Symbol in Tuki game

Step 3: Construction

  • Each player must recreate the pattern on the card with their snow blocks and stones.
  • The building should be the same as the picture, but players don’t have to use all of their snow blocks.
  • The symbol obtained in the roll of the die indicates whether the construction must touch the table or whether it must be placed on snow blocks  .

End of a Round

  • The round ends when there is only one player left who has not built their Tukilik.
  • The last player receives the Tukilik card.
  • A new round begins.

End of the Game

2 Players

  • As soon as a player receives their 5th Tukilik card, they lose the game.

3 to 4 Players

  • As soon as a player receives their 5th Tukilik card, a final round is launched.
  • The player who received a 5th Tukilik card does not participate in the final round and instead becomes the scout.
  • At the end of this final round, the first player to have built their Tukilik wins the game.