Quarto game

Quarto Rules

Quarto is a game of strategy and tactics. It is played with 2 players, from 6 years old. Your objective will be to line up 4 pieces of the same characteristics.

Contents of the Game

  • 1 game board
  • 16 pieces with 4 different characteristics
Content of Quarto game

Aim of the Game

  • Announce “QUARTO” after aligning 4 pieces that have at least one characteristic in common.
  • The characteristic can be: 
    – Color
    – Shape (square or circular)
    – Size (tall or short)
    – Design (hollow or solid)


  • Place the pieces next to the board.
  • The first player is drawn randomly.

Keep in Mind

  • Remember that you don’t get to choose your pieces.
    • They are given to you by the player in front of you.
  • The goal is to prevent your opponents from making a winning alignment.

Start of the Game

  • The 1st player chooses a piece that they will give to the 2nd player.
  • The 2nd player will place the piece on one of the spaces on the board and choose a new one.
  • The new piece will then be given to the next player and so on.
  • Pieces can be aligned vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Winning the Game

  • The first player to shout “QUARTO!” wins the game.
  • To achieve a QUARTO, the player must place the last piece that will form the winning alignment.

Important Notes

  • If the player does not see their QUARTO, two things are possible:
    – If the next player sees the QUARTO, they can announce it and show it.
    – If no one sees the QUARTO, the game continues and it loses its value.
  • It is possible to place a piece to block a QUARTO.

Variations of the Game

  • Instead of 4 pieces, win with an alignment of 3 pieces with a common characteristic.
  • Instead of a line, win by forming a square with 4 pieces with similar characteristics.

Educative sheet in PDF

Explore the educative sheet of Quarto in PDF.