Dixit game

Dixit Rules

Dixit is a game of clues and associations. The objective is to earn the highest number of points by guessing the correct card each round.


  • 1 scoring track
  • 84 illustrated cards
  • 36 voting tokens of 6 different colors, numbered from 1 to 6
  • 6 rabbits numbered from 1 to 6
Content of Dixit game


  • Each player chooses a rabbit to place on the starting space of the track scores.
  • Shuffle the cards and deal 6, face down, to each player. 
  • The rest of the cards will form the draw pile.
  • The number of voting tokens distributed varies according to the number of players:
Number of playersNumber of tokens
3 or 55


  1. The storyteller:
  • They choose a card among the 6 in their hand.
  • Based on the illustration on the card, the storyteller will form a clue which can be a word, a sentence or an onomatopoeia.
  • It can be an invented phrase or one taken from an already existing text (poem, proverb, song title, film title, etc.)
  • In some versions, it can be a song or a mime
  1. The rest of the players:
  • Among the 6 cards in hand, they must each choose the one they think comes closest to the clue.
  • The chosen card is given, face down, to the storyteller.
  1. Reveal cards:
  • The storyteller shuffles their card into the ones they have received.
  • They will then be placed, one by one, face up, on the table.
  • Starting from the left, the cards will be numbered from 1 to 5.
  1. Voting:
  • The goal of the other players will be to guess which of the cards on the table belongs to the storyteller.
  • To vote, the players will each place in front of themselves the voting token face down with the number corresponding to the card.
  1. Counting:
  • Once the vote is over, all the voting tokens are revealed and placed on the corresponding cards.
  • The storyteller reveals their card.


  • If all players have found the storyteller’s card, or none of the players have found the storyteller’s card, then all players receive 2 points.
  • In any other case, the storyteller and the players who have found the storyteller’s card each receive 3 points.
  • Each player, except the storyteller, scores 1 point for each vote that was placed on their illustration.

Advancing on the Scoring Track

Players advance their rabbit on the scoring track in as many spaces as points collected.

End of a Turn

  • All cards that have been used are put aside.
  • Players draw a new card to complete the 6 they have in hand.
  • The next storyteller is the one to the left of the previous one.

End of the Game

  • When a player reaches 30 points.
  • When a player draws the last card, the player with the highest point wins the game.

3-Player Variation

  • Players receive 7 cards and voting tokens.
  • After the illustration is revealed, the players each give 2 cards to the storyteller.
  • 5 cards are then placed on the table.
  • At the end of the vote, each player draws 2 cards.

Official rules in PDF

Explore the official Dixit rule in PDF.