Cartaventura Rules

Cartaventura is a narrative and adventure card game based on historical characters for 1 to 6 players, from 10 years old. The course and outcome of the game depend largely on the choices the players make.


  • There are several editions/boxes.
  • Each box has its own rules and operation.
  • The characters and the story vary from one box to another.


  • You are among the Vikings in 998, on the tracks of Erik the Red.
  • The box contains:
    – 70 cards,
    – 1 historical booklet.


  • The year is 1916. Go to India and Tibet on the tracks of Alexandra Daniel Neel.
  • The box contains:
    – 70 maps,
    – 1 historical booklet.


  • You are in the Wild West in 1861, following the footsteps of Bass Reeves.
  • The box contains:
    – 70 maps,
    – 1 historical booklet.


  • In Tangier 1331, your cousin Mohamed’s father died while exploring the world. You go in search of him.
  • The box contains:
    – 70 cards,
    – 1 historical booklet.


  • You play as Jim Tully in 1920 Ohio, whose dream is to cross the country to join Charlie Chaplin.
  • Box contains:
    – 70 cards,
    – 1 historical booklet.


  • Britain 487, you are on the trail of King Arthur.
  • The box contains:
    – 25 cards,
    – 1 historical booklet.

Set up

  • Do not mix the cards.

How to play ?

  • Read the cards in chronological order.
  • The story is on the cards, as well as the rules and instructions to follow.
  • The instructions are framed at the bottom of the card.
  • The cards are double-sided: on the front, the card number is in a circle; on the back, the number is in a square.
  • It is forbidden to turn over a card without permission.
  • It is forbidden to discard a card without permission.
  • There are 4 types of cards:
    Object cards.
    – Cards with immediate effect.
    Plan cards.
    Action cards.
  • Flipping over some cards will allow you to move or start a conversation.
  • A dialogue usually ends with a choice to be made, which will lead you to a new card and so on.

End of the Game

  • One of your cards will tell you that your game is over.
  • It will also tell you your character’s fate.

Play again

  • To play again, put the cards back in order.
  • There are 5 possible endings, except for Tintagel which has only 2; you can play again and have a completely different adventure than the previous one.