5 Second

5 Seconds Rules

5 Seconds is a speed and quiz game that can be played between 3 and 6 players, from 8 years old. Each player’s objective is to answer 3 questions correctly in 5 seconds in order to advance.

Goal of the game

To be the first to finish the course.


  • 376 Question cards,
  • 12 Pass cards,
  • 2 Change cards,
  • 6 counters,
  • 1 game board,
  • 1 timer

Set up

  • Each player chooses a counter.
  • Place the counter on the start square of the game board.
  • Give 2 Pass cards and 2 Change cards to each player.
  • Place the cards in the shoe; red and yellow cards first.
  • If the shoe cannot hold all the cards, you can add more cards during the game.
  • Place the shoe and the timer within reach of all players.


  • The youngest player starts.
  • The player to his or her right draws a card from the shoe and reads its contents aloud.
  • The content of a card is a question that begins with: “Name 3…”
  • Once the contents of the card are read, the timer is flipped.
  • The first player has 5 seconds to give 3 correct answers.
  • Be careful! The other players can decide if the answers are acceptable or not.


  • He moves his piece forward one space.


  • The next player must find 3 correct answers in 5 seconds.
  • Attention! Answers already given cannot be reused.
  • The card is passed from one player to another until someone finds the right answers.
  • If the card is returned to the original player, he/she moves his/her counter forward one space.
  • Play continues in a clockwise direction.

Special cards

  • These can be used by the player whose turn it is.
  • To play a special card, the player must announce PASS or CHANGE after reading the question.
  • The player is only allowed one special card per question.
  • The PASS cards
  • The player to his left answers the 3 questions in 5 seconds.
  • If he succeeds, both players advance one space.
  • If he fails, the card is not passed to the next player and the player whose turn it is moves forward one space.

The Change cards

  • The player whose turn it is can draw a new card.

The Danger Zone squares

  • A player on a Danger Zone square must give 3 correct answers or be penalized.
  • Penalties include:
    Losing a turn,
    Not being allowed to answer a question in progress,
    – He must flip over his piece.
  • Once his turn is skipped, the pawn is raised and he re-enters the game.

Winning the game

  • The first player to reach the finish line wins the game.