The position of the pieces in chess

Here is the position of the pieces at the beginning of the game of chess.

The king is the most important piece in chess. The queen follows it and the two form the royal couple, thus the two major pieces. Then come the rook, the bishop, the knight and finally the pawns.

Before starting the game, you must place the pieces and pawns on the board. The pieces, which consist of the king, queen, rooks, bishops and knights, must be placed on the first row. The pawns are placed on the second row.

The pieces are placed from left to right in this way:
– Rook
– Knight
– The bishop
– Queen
– King
– The bishop
– The knight
– The rook

After placing the pieces on the first row, it is the pawns’ turn to be placed on the second row. So, there must be a pawn on the front of each piece.