Pique plume game

Pique Plume Rules

Pique Plume is a memory game that is played between 2 to 4 players, it can be played by kids of 4 years old and up.

Principle of the Game

The rule in the chicken coop is as follows: each bird must try to chase and pluck its opponents.

Winning the Game

The first bird to pluck all its opponents wins the game.

Contents of the Game

  • 24 egg-shaped tiles
  • 12 octagonal tiles 
  • 2  hen tokens
  • 2 rooster tokens
  • 4 feather tokens
Content of Pique plume game


  • The barnyard: the 12 octagonal tiles are placed face down in the center of the table.
  • The course: arrange the 24 egg-shaped tiles, face up, in a circle around the barnyard.
  • Each player receives 1 hen or rooster token and 1 feather token.
  • Arrange the birds, one by one, on an egg so that the same interval separates them.

How to Play

  • Move your tokens around the course in a clockwise direction.
  • The youngest player starts the game.
  • They choose a card from the barnyard and show it to their opponents.
  • If the chosen card and the egg in front of the player’s bird have the same drawing, they can take one step forward.
  • The card is then replaced, face down, in the barnyard.
  • The player can keep choosing cards until they are unable to move any further.
  • The player cannot advance if the image on the chosen card does not match that of the egg in front of their bird.
  • The turn passes to the next player.

How to Overtake an Opponent

A player can pass an opponent and pluck their feathers if:

  • They are directly behind the opponent.
  • They choose a card from the barnyard that matches the egg that’s in front of the opponent.

This also applies if they are behind several opponents.

The player can continue to choose cards as long as they match the egg in front of them.

How to Win

  • The first player to have plucked all their opponents wins the game.
  • Each plucked feather is kept by the player who plucked it.