Trivial Pursuit Rules

Trivial Pursuit is a board game where the goal is to collect different coins by simply answering several questions.

Trivial Pursuit board game

Game Contents and Goal

Trivial Pursuit is a game where players must correctly answer different types of questions during their adventure. There are several large quiz groups, and each group is associated with a color. Players will need to collect one token (pie-shaped) of each color in order to win the game.

The game of Trivial Pursuit consists of 

  • a game board
  • quiz cards supplied with the game
  • 36 triangles of different colors
  • 6 pie charts

Before You Start

Unfold the game board, then place all the pie charts in the center of the board: this is the starting point of the game.

Then, shuffle and arrange the cards. Then roll the dice to determine who goes first. Whoever achieves the highest dice score starts the game.

Each player selects a colored pie chart. 

Course of the Game

Each player rolls the die, and advances their pie as many squares as the result of the roll. Each space on the board has a different color, and each color corresponds to a group of questions. There are 6 groups of questions: 

  • Blue for Geography
  • Pink for Entertainment
  • Purple for Art and Literature
  • Green for Science and Nature
  • Yellow for History
  • Orange for Sports and Recreation

When the player whose turn it is lands on a colored box, they will have to answer a question from the corresponding group. The other players then draw a card, then ask the corresponding question. If the player answers correctly, they can re-roll the dice and move on. If their answer is wrong, they pass their turn.

How to Win the Game?

First, get to the “Headquarters” squares. These are the 6 large squares with large colored triangles. Once on these boxes, the player will have to answer the corresponding question correctly. If they succeed, they can insert a pie of the corresponding color in their pie chart, then move forward by rolling the die. 

Once a player collects the pies of all colors, they will have to go and arrive exactly at the center of the board, then answer the “ultimate question”, which the other players will choose. If they miss the answer, they will have to pass their next turn, then they are able to try again the turn after that.

Rules in PDF

Discover the Trivial Pursuit rule in PDF.