Love Letter Rules

Win the heart of your princess or prince charming by sending love letters. Show your strategies to get your love letter to your beloved in Love Letter. Find out the rules of this game below and challenge the other players.


To play “Love Letter”, you need the following items:
-2 to 4 players
-4 character cards for each player

-13 small cubes for the score

-16 character cards

Before the game

  • Choose only one character among the 2 princesses and the prince for each round
  • The 2 characters not chosen will not be used during the round
    Shuffle the cards and place them in the middle of the table
  • Take the first card from the deck face down and set it aside, as it will not be used during the current round
  • Deal one card to each player in a clockwise direction just like the direction of play
  • The round can now begin
The circled card is the one that has been removed from the deck and the one that will not be used during the current round.
The circled card is the one that has been removed from the deck and the one that will not be used during the current round.

Goal of the game

The goal of Love Letter is to send your love letter to the princess or prince through the various characters in the castle. To win a round, you must be the player with the highest value card when the deck runs out.
For a win in each round, you will earn one cube. When you have 4 cubes, you are the winner and win the heart of the princess or prince.

The different special powers of each character

  • There are 8 characters in Love Letter and each one has a special power. The special power of each character is displayed at the bottom of each card and its value is displayed at the top left.
    —:The value of the card
    —:The power and effect of the card when it is discardedHere is the list of characters with their respective powers, from lowest to highest value:
  • The Soldier: name a non-soldier card and choose a player. If he has the card, he is eliminated.
  • The Clown : consult another player’s hand
  • Le Chevalier: You and another player compare hands. The player with the lowest hand is eliminated.
  • The Priestess: Until the next turn, ignore all effects of cards played by other players.
  • The Wizard: choose a player (it can be you). He discards his hand and draws a new card.
  • The General: Exchange your hand with the player of your choice.
  • The Minister: If your hand totals 12 points or more, you are eliminated.

The Princess/Prince: If you discard this card, you are eliminated.

How the game is played

  • Choose a player to start the game
  • He must draw a card (without the other players being able to see its content) and must add it to his hand (which makes 2 cards in his hand after drawing)
  • He must choose among his 2 cards the character who keeps the letter to send to the princess or the prince
  • The card (or character) not chosen will be discarded face up in front of the player and its power will be applied immediately

Rules in PDF

You can see Love Letter rules in PDF.